Computational methods for large-scale and complex wave problems

Date: 25-26 June and 2-3 July, 2021
Place: Online (Host: Tokyo Institute of Technology, IUTAM symposium committee)

Computational methods in wave problems have been of interest in various branches of theoretical and applied mechanics. For example, it is still an enormous computational challenge to deal with large scale problems associated with acoustic fields in concert halls, elastic waves related to earthquakes, etc. We can also mention some novel developments in mechanics such as acoustic metamaterials or eigenfrequency problems for open domains which require new computational techniques for better understanding of the phenomena. The proposed symposium focuses on computational methods for these large-scale and/or complex wave problems.
In the proposed symposium, we pay particular attention to new fast boundary integral methods based on hierarchical low rank approximations such as fast direct solvers and new variants of FMM or H-matrices etc. These methods are promising in our problems because of their applicability in wave problems as well as their capability in dealing with large scale problems. These methods are also considered effective in topology optimization problems related to wave phenomena because of their adaptivity to geometrical changes. We are also interested in other innovative computational methods which may open new dimensions in the analysis of large-scale and complex wave phenomena. This symposium provides a forum in which specialists in mechanics and computational methods get together to discuss and exchange new ideas. In the spirit of the IUTAM Conference format, it will be organized in a single session and participation will be by invitation only.